Friday, November 14, 2008

Why I Lke To Blog - Interview with Jolene

Why I Like To Blog:

Do any of you get curious as to why people blog, what there goal is for their blog, why they spend the time blogging? I am doing a series of interviews called "Why I Like To Blog". I thought if I am curious about this subject maybe some of you would be curious also.

May I introduce Jolene, the creator of her blog:

My Absent Mind

My first question to Jolene was: Why do you like to blog? Jolene actually started blogging in 2007, the original purpose was to help promote a business and found it to be a fun experience and then decided to continue on even though the business venture never really took off. She is motivated by her "fabulous readers". "Just knowing that some people actually do like to read what I have to say, and they actually come back o find out what's going on with me, that alone is enough to keep me going." After a stressful day, Jolene finds it relaxing to sit down and just start typing a blog post, getting lost in her typing and posting.


Jolene's blog is a little bit of everything, mostly focusing on her life in general. Sometimes making money is a part of that, but it is mostly personal with money making as a side dish :).

Jolene is proud of the fact that her current blog design was mainly created by herself along with the help of some other wonderful sites that were kind enough to explain how to do a variety of things with her blog . She comments that even though it may not be "perfect" she is very proud of the accomplishment.

Jolene lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with her husband and two boys. Her main focus is her family. She is a stay at home mom enjoying the fact that her boys can grow up knowing that mom was always there for them. She home schools her children which means most of her time evolves around her kids which means things can get a little crazy. Her parents were definitely an influence on making the decision of where she is today...she can remember doing stuff as a family and that is the way I am today. "I want to do things as a family."

I asked Jolene if she had any advise to other readers or bloggers and she shared, "Don't let anyone tell you what you can or cannot say or do on your blog. Your blog is your own little online world; make it what YOU want it to be. If someone else doesn't like it they don't have to read it! Your blog is an expression of you, so make it yours."

As far as a business consideration, Jolene is currently trying to get more involved with CafePress and designing T-shirts and such and it is turning into a fun family thing as everyone contributes their ideas. Sounds like a great idea and goes along with Jolene's thinking - family focus and family fun!

You asked me why did I choose Jolene to interview about her blogging experience? Well, she is unique, she is special, she is one of a kind!

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