Saturday, August 15, 2009

Toddlers need Aprons too .....

Toddlers Need Aprons to cook too ..... And what could be more fun than to have your own little apron to cook along side mommy: (you are invited to visit: to view more toddle aprons or contact for custom made aprons).

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Featured Artist: Tracy Cornell from Braggin' Rights

Tracy Cornell, owner and designer of all products made in her shop: Braggin' Rights, lives in Texas and has been married to her wonderful and supportive husband for 13 years.

Tracy started 'crafting' when she was very young, encouraged by her mother to always be creative; making gifts, creating things, and using her imagination. During her high school years she took a few art classes, submitted a portfolio to the Cleveland Institute of Arts and was accepted. Her focus was charcoal drawing, pastels, and watercolors. However, being young she did not follow through with this; so,every
thing she does now she either learned from her mom, or was self taught.

Tracy takes pride in making high quality items. . "I feel that the products that you deliver reflect on you as a person; both my products and character are of high quality. I know that when I send out a product, I am proud to put my name on it, and I care about how the person receiving it feels upon opening the package. I always wrap my products as if the recipient is receiving a gift, and either add a free unexpected treasure, or other little extras; coupons, stitchery on the packaging and/or other little things to make it a special experience for them."

Cute Crochet Purse with Crochet Rose

Every Cute Dogie needs a Cute Dogie Clip

Rose Bath Set

Currently, Tracy is selling her work in a small local brick and mortar shop and decided to give e-commerce a shot. She finds business for her shop in a variety of ways: " offline (via repeat business), friends 'spreading the word', and simply letting people know what I do. Online, I promote my business by numerous social networks, ads, and through a 'Refer a Friend' program that I send out with all of my orders plus including coupons and business cards."

Tracy says, " My goal is to consistently find ways to better myself. To be the best at whatever it is that I am doing. I know that none of us will ever be perfect, though I don't believe that there is anything wrong with striving for it."

Shabby Look

Tracy's work can be found at:

You can also follow Tracy on Twitter:

You ask me why Tracy is a featured artist? ... it is because she is Unique, she is Special, she is One Of A Kind

Latest Apron ...

Reversible Apron, Brown and Aqua, Large Bow to wear in the back, at the side, or tie in bow in the front.
Ruffle at bottom of skirt.
It fun to tie a large bow in the back ...
Or you set the style and tie it in the front or at the side. Apron also has a large pocket in the front.
Latest Apron --- Hostess Apron, Chic, Sassy, Great for the kitchen, every day use or Classy enough for entertaining your favorite guests.