Sunday, September 13, 2009

Twitter, Facebook, Social Net Working, Entre Card, Blogs?

Twitter, Facebook, Social Net Working, Entrecard or Blogs? Have Twitter and Facebook, Social Networking, decreased the traffic to your blog? Are you still an active Entre dropper? Have you noticed you have fewer readers and hits to your blog? Is your blog still a priority to you? I am going through some changes and I feel I can not keep up with my website, twitter, facebook, social networking,etc. and still keep up with the blog. Does anyone else find this a problem and have you come to any conclusions? It would be interesting to learn where you stand on all of this. What is our response or opinion?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Techorati "Link Love' ... join in ....

If you have a claimed Blog on Technorati and want to boost your Authority to gain more traffic please read on.

Here's how it will work, in order to be "counted" by Technorati you need to have your link in a Post. They do not count Comments or Mr. McLinky anymore.

I will list your blog here after you leave a Comment with a Link to your "Technorati Link Love" Post including my link. You are more than Welcome to c/p my Post for yours

This idea was started by: Mommy's Online Garage ... if you are a family with young children, this is a Must Read Blog -

Another fun Blog - this will uplift your spirits for the day : The Crazy Suburban Mom, Tracy has a great writing style - takes you right into her life.

You are all invited to join in and have fun 'meeting new blogs and boosting your Techorati rating..... so, hop on board the "Techroati LinkLove Exchane!

Thanks to everyone taking part in this. My blog is: htp:// ... and I would like to invite you to visit my website:

If any of you women have your own website, drop me a note. I love to see what other women are doing in the area of Website business. It is an encouragement for all of us. Again, Thanks!