Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Apron Collection for American Girl Doll 18" doll

Apron for your Amerian Girl Doll - 18 " Doll

Dolly likes to look cook and join you with your cooking fun!

Each apron is only $5.50 plus shipping.

Please visit:

Enjoy,  Corline

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

                               MEET THE ARTIST

     Trina  ~~  Owner/Designer of Hrtsmom's Jewelry Etc.


  Trina grew up in an 'artistic' focused family which she proudly points to  as being the greatest influence in developing her own artistic expression; first starting with creative writing and moving on to her current jewelry business.

    Always having a fondness for jewelry, at one point decided to refashion some broken bracelets which then led her to creating her own unique jewelry line.  After getting noticed and receiving rave reviews from family and friends she decided to go forward with her own business.  Trina's work can be found at her Etsy store  and Silkfair .  She can also be found at various craft fairs and at the annual convention called CoreCon.  CoreCon has proved to be very favorable for her work.

Beside creating beautiful and unique jewelry pieces Trina has a love for creative writing.  This talent started to show itself around ten years of age.  You can find her self-published novels and short-story collections on her Silkfair site .

Uniqueness is a keyword with Trina.  She gets satisfaction in making something that is different from what you might find from other jewelry artists; something that other artist may not have thought of creating.  She likes to mix things up; mixing blue with orange, silver with copper, Art Nouveau and steampunk styles.  She even suggests that you might call it 'Steam Nouveau'.  As with most artist her creative juices are always going even if she is involved in the 'ordinary' of everyday life.

You might be wondering ... how did she come up with the name for her business; is there any 'hidden' meaning.  Yes, she is a mom ... and after the birth of her first daughter she satarted using Hrtsmom  ... her daughter's initials are HRT, so it was a natural.  Her second daughter's name starts with R so it fit together nicely. The "Etc." refers to the books and non-jewelry pieces she creates;  so we put it all together and we have:
Hrtsmom's Jewelry Etc.

Have  you ever thought of going into business ? I asked Trina to share some thoughts about her experience as a business owner.    She suggests first of all look at the marketplace.  Look at Etsy to see what people are selling and just what is successful.  Check out craft fairs and see if you can find a gap that you might be able to fill.  But most of all, find something you truly enjoy doing.

You may ask why did I choose to interview Trina ...  well, it is very simple ...
Trina is unique, she is special, she is one of a kind .... just like you are!

Enjoy,   Corline

Friday, January 18, 2013

Who do you know that likes to 'look cool' in the kitchen?  ~~

Maybe it is your very best friend that loves to cook; or your mother, your sister, your aunt,or your neighbor who has treated you extra special ... or hey, maybe it is you!  Yes, you deserve to 'look cool' in the kitchen too. And, if you have not caught on to the latest kitchen essential - the apron - you just might want to join in and find out how much better things taste when you are showing good taste in the kitchen yourself!

Valentine gifts should be fun and special and always just a little bit of a surprise. 

So, may I invite you to hop over to:

For Valentine's day there is a 10% off coupon.  Just type in Heart and your are all set.  

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Always Fun to Share ...

Aprons Customers Enjoyed!



Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Apron Collection ... 2013


 This is just a sample of what is available - may I invite you to visit my website:

Aprons are the newest 'Kitchen Accessory'

If you are not in on the trend why not join in on the fun and found out how you too can Look Cool in the kitchen!

              A NEW YEAR  ~   A NEW BEGINNING


 A NEW LIFE, A NEW BIRTH equals a new beginning.

We live in the country and this is what I see out my front window.  A precious sight seeing the new born calves romping around, getting strength in their legs, taking cues from their mothers and others around them.


 In a sense, I am experiencing 'a new beginning' .... I had to put my blog and my website on hold for about 2 years as I regain my health from an 'inconvenient' illness.  Now I am back and excited to share with all of you again.


 One thing I particularly  enjoy is highlighting other artists.  I have a great appreciation for the God given talents we all have.  For some it is just being able to discover one's talents and then learning how to develop your skill to carry out your own personal creativity. 


I would like to interview and share artist on a regular basis, perhaps once a week.  Each of us has a story, a uniqueness and each of us can learn from knowing about each other.  If you are an artist and would like to be interviewed and have your work shown just leave a comment with information as to how I can get a hold of you and we can get started.   

I haven't yet decided on what to call the artist series so I am opened to your input ... any ideas ... just leave them in the comments.  

 It is nice to be back, looking forward to a Great 2013 ! 


              WISHING ALL A GRAND 2013!