Saturday, February 27, 2010

Children's Crochet Hats & Head Bands ... Cute, Cute!

Childrens Crochet Hat & Head Bands & Flowers & Bows & oh, so cute!!

Baby it is cold outside and childrens little heads need to be protected from the cold ... so... why not look cute!

I love everything children so I could not resist creating the darling look of the crochet hats and headbands. I love the bows, the flowers, the little hats, the headbands. It must be because I never had little girls that I love everything girly!

I would like to invite you to visit my website: to see the other things by Kymie's Little Toppers. Thanks for viewing.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Featured: Val's Designer Tutus & Boutique Dresses

Wow! Boutique Dresses & Designer TuTus ... do you know a little Princess Wanna-A-Be? Then you do not want to miss out on these! Each of Val's unique outfits are all one of a kind. Once they are snapped up they are gone. So please check these out at:

Just watch your Sweet Little Princess beam with smiles as she twirls in her new TuTu and models her Boutique Dress. That will be a priceless moment! Be sure to snap a picture; we would love to feature your Little Princess on our Blog and our Website ... with your permission, of course! Thank you for visiting.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Face Book or Twitter?

Face Book or Twitter? Which do you consider the best for your purposes? Business, personal ? Looking forward to what you have to share?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Guest Artist - Jessica (MissD'Lish)

Meet Jessica - Creator/Designer/Author of

So, Just what is Miss-D'Lish? Lets see what Jessica has to say about that! "Welcome to my world! I am constantly oooozing with ideas so I had to find myself a little outlet that best matches my favorite skills ... experimenting in the kitchen and being a social butterfly! Who wants to write for a website from 1 point of view??? Not me...I thought why not make a place my readers are the writers with me...heck ya...and so...Miss D'Lish was born! Jessica likes graphic design and thought it would be fun to design a fun place to talk, share recipes and the "dish" on a fun topic like the cooking world. One of the things that gave her the idea was a lot of her friends take pictures of meals they made for their families for dinner. She would then use these ideas for dinners of her own and thought it would be great to create a place where everyone can all share thoughts, ideas and recipes ... The goal for the website is to make a fun entertaining place that people will WANT to come to weekly or better yet daily."

Jessica is the sole inspiration for Miss D'Lish but she admits to having tons of advice and help. She tries to connect with other related businesses or bloggers and she truly believes in helping each other to spread the word which has been fun and effective geting to know new people and businesses. Being involved in Facebook has been a good social media source her readers are her writers...they send her recipes, reviews on restaurants, cooking products, videos, pictures...its has been a lot of fun.

I ask Jessica how she felt starting this new adventure during these economical time. Her advise: "I think it depends on what you are doing. If you have to make a big investment and your products are not for everyone it may be better to start slow. Blogging is FREE! The only money I've spent was on (2) domain names. I get prizes donated sometimes and I'm optimistic as my readership grows I'll get some advertisers and maybe over time will be able to sell products too. I suggest careful planning and spending wisely...if at all."

To find sources for her business, Jessica googles all sort of things and looks at peoples websites, sometimes finds people on Facebook or through images on blogs. She typically shoots an email, ask questions, introduces herself, emails friends that have computer skills or blog knowledge...questions, questions, questions...key to learning and growing.

Family is very important to Jessica. You will see some of her family in the pictures at the beginning of this post. She expresses how wonderful her family is. Her mother and grandparents and other relatives were always creative, painters, artists, they would sew or quilt or cross stitch. Her mother always cooked every meal so naturally as Jessica is now cooking for her son, Nate. Jessica said that she has always been creative and has a knack for business so she tries to intertwine it all. One of her other talents was modeling. (Picture show above). Lately she finds that her corporate America job puts her in a tired grumpy mood and decided there has to be a way to do something that makes her is trying out her ideas very carefully in her free time till she can just be happy only doing things she loves!

It has been fun getting to know Jessica and sharing this talented young woman with you. To reach Jessica and learn more about her or if you have recipes you want to share, contact her at: Miss D'Lish.

Just as all of you reading this are ... Jessica is unique, she is special, she is one-of-a-kind!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentines Day has different understandings of the origin, and Valentines Day means different things to each of us. But may I suggest that the one common understanding and meaning has an understanding of Love - love for your family, friends, a dear one. The exchange of an exquisite gift, a simple handmade card from a child, a surprise bouquet at the ring of the door bell. It is a day we can express appreciation for people around us with the little comment of Happy Valentines Day.

I would like to say Happy Valentines Day to each of you who take the time to view my blog, to leave nice comments and just for stopping by for a visit, You are all appreciated ... Thank you and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hostess Apron Pink and Black Polka Dots

Hostess Apron in Pink and Black ...
Cute Hostess Apron in Polka Dots that just says 'lets have a party!'. Available at:

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Featured Artist - Val

Meet The Artist: Val

Val has a passion for fabrics, color and design. Her inspirations come from following current trends, popular colors,and textiles. From these sources the creative ideas just seem to pour in. Being a seamstress for over 30 years has given her extensive skills ranging from Custom Quilting, Designing and Creating Boutique Children's Clothing, and teaching sewing classes.

Val has been married for 20 Years, has 2 children, Ben 11 and Madison 9. Residing with the family is a list of favorite animals.

Over the years Val's friends recognized her abilities in designing childrens clothing and encouraged her to pursue her Boutique line for kids. Val loves the freedom to create fun, unique clothing and hopes other enjoys them as well.

I asked Val what her future plans were and she said, "To keep sewing! I love it all, the fabrics, color, textures, and the endless possibilities they present".

To see more of Val's creations and to purchase her Boutique Items you may go to: