Saturday, November 8, 2008

Did you know that Aprons are back in style? Yes!

Did you know that Aprons are back in style? Yes!

The Apron Rage started a little over 2 years ago and it is going stronger than ever. I think it is because so much is going on the the world, right here in the US, and just the fast pace of life, that it makes all of us want to "pull back a bit". We want family and friends around us where we feel safe and comfortable. And we all know what comes with feeling comfortable - food - yes, it is a way of showing our family that we love and care for them and care about their well being. It is a way of showing our friends that we chaish them, and love to have them in our homes. Well, why not look chic, stylish, a bit charming or just down right terrific when you are cooking for your family or entertaining guest? Put on the little apron that "says you", pick a style that expresses who you are - have fun, and bring out the smiles. You will feel terrific and oh, my, others will see you look terrific.

So, the return of the apron is a good thing, a fun thing, a must have. Now, is all my modesty, I must invite you to vist my new website. The focus is on making and designing aprons for each unique look. That is what is so marvelous about all of us, we are are different, we are unique, we are special, we are one of a kind ..... so why not express that in the kitchen! (my web site is:

My site is not completd as far as stocking it with product, but I am on my way. Very soon I will be have a marvelous give-a-way to celebrate the opening of the website. So, please check back. In the meantime, it would be so nice of you to go to my website ( and leave a comment or suggestion in the Guest Book - I would so appreciate that! Thank you good friends, you are what makes blogging fun!


Polly said...

Thank you for your lovely comment about my blog.

Believe it or not I still have an apron that a lovely elderly lady gave me for Christmas over 45 years ago when I was a child. It isn't very thrilling being quite old fashioned. It's made of cotton and a half apron with a pocket but she was a lovely lady with very little money and the fact that she thought of me meant a lot. She gave me a small tin of Bluebird toffees at the same time. I ate the toffees but I have always hung on to the apron!

Pia said...

love this cute little apron. i remember having one at home at my parents'. right now, i don't have one.

Anne said...

Your aprons are so stylish. I always forget to put one on until I have gotten smeared with something.