Thursday, November 13, 2008

What On Line Social Groups do you belong to?

What On Line Social Groups do you belong to?

There are so many On Line Socal Groups and then subgroups within the main group how do you decide which ones you want to focus on? Just to name a few there is: Twitter Moms, Posh Momma, Posh Parent, Beautiful Fabulous, Flicker, We Love Etsy, Face Book, My Space, Entre Card, Etsy Teams, Squido, Indiepublic .... perhaps you even know of many others?

My question to you is if you do belong to a group which one do you spend the most time on, what do you like best about it, and how do you benefit from it. And then the bigger question, do you feel it is worth your time? What is one of your favorite groups that you would recommend to us?

It would really be fun and informative if you could share some of your likes and dislikes of different groups with the rest of us. How about it .... and let's see which one of you belong to the most groups - yep, go ahead and post your numbers. I will post the winner.

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