Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Paperback Designs: Quality Work, Affordable Prices & Free Blogger Templates!

(Entrecard Widgets designed by Vanessa)

Meet Vanessa .... owner/creator of Paperback Designs.

Who is Vanessa and what is her work all about? Well, let me introduce this amazing young lady. Vanessa is 19 years old (yes, but oh, so talented - her talent and computer skills far outweigh her age). Vanessa lives in the Philippines with her family and is currently a senior in college majoring in Computer Education. After graduating next year, (and she can hardly wait!) her desire is to be a Computer teacher and also continuing with her other passion of blog designing.

Vanessa started her on-line business, Paperback Designs in December 2007. Vanessa is always pleased that others have entrusted her to work on their blog design and in return she always gives her best. She designs with passion, with perfection in mind. She is always intrinsically motivated because she loves what she is doing; she has a passion for designing. Even though there is a lot of competition in her field one thing she is proud of is that she is dedicated to her work and she is not concerned to compete with other designers. As Vanessa expressed, "it is a community where we can all learn from each other."

I ask Vanessa who are her greatest supporters? The reply- "My parents. They always encourage me to do whatever I am passionate about for a long as it will improve my whole being. They're just the coolest people in the world!"

Her hope for the future is to travel someday, go to faraway places, meet different people and continue to be inspired. "For me, inspiration is the number one factor to being a good blog designer, it is the source of my creativity. I also want to teach someday, to cultivate the minds of the youth. "Education is life.". For me, learning is a continuous process. As long as people love my work, I will continue to design and in the process to learn.

I am just starting out myself, but my advice to other artist new to the field is to persevere and do whatever you love doing. Never do a job if your hearts not in it. If you love designing blogs, or creating graphics, go for it! And also be committed to a job, never give up. There is no such things as "impossible to do it" or "can't do it" if your are willing to learn.

Now I would say that is a lot of wisdom from such a young lady. Personally I have been extremely pleased with her work. She designed this blog , maintained, completed, and made great suggestions for my web site (www.overthetopaprons.com) and designed numerous other projects for me. (Address labels, avatar, widget,hang tags, promo button, business card, etc.) She was quick, efficient, affordable, and understood exactly what I was looking for.

You can see that Vanessa has a lot of talent and she has a lot to offer to just about everyone. You might ask why did I choose to interview Vanessa - well for such a young woman she is pretty incredible - she is unique, she is special, she is one of a kind.


Vanessa said...

Corline, this is perfect! I've been waiting for this. I was so excited and happy at the same time while reading this fantastic review.

Thank you very mfiuch for everything!

La Donna Welter said...

Thank you so very much for stopping by by blog, and leaving such a nice comment about my papercutting! It is appreciated!: )
I am currently remodeling my web site, and hope to have it open again soon!
Love, love, love your aprons!