Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thanks to: ALL IN A MOM'S LIFE for this great review!!

Thanks to : All In A Mom's Life... for this great rerview ... Kristen, the blog author is a fun writer, makes you feel you are "right there".

Monday, March 16, 2009 (review by Kristen)
Still Jealous? I Thought So.

I love winning stuff. Can you guess what I love more then winning stuff? That's right...winning really cute goodies that I actually want, that I need. Yesterday I received my first bloggy win. SassyMamas had their launch party last weekend and I scored some pretty cool stuff.

Over The Top Aprons
provided prizes and I was the lucky winner of this adorable black and white poodle apron. J-bug is so gonna love it...but I'm making her wait until her birthday! *Insert evil laugh* Seriously. How stinking cute is that apron? You can't see all the detail from this pic so go ahead and click on it for more pics. There is a sweet little pocket and a pleat in the front on the skirt. (Every apron needs a little twirl action.) The apron arrived in a sweet black tulle bag tied off with a pink satin bow!

So I spent a little time (okay fine...I spent a lot of time) on their site and I fell in love with all the sassy skirt aprons. And the full aprons. Alright, I fell in love with all of them. I compiled a collage of a few of my favorite aprons from their site just for you. Feel free to go over there and buy me one of my faves.


Aren't they so cute? The white Bath Apron says "Mommy & Me." Precious isn't it? I have to admit the ruffled skirt aprons are my favorite and they look so fun. Their black with white Polka Dot Apron reminds me of 'I Love Lucy' minus the oven fire. Don't forget to check out their maternity aprons. What a great and fun idea. Who says you can't look stylish in the kitchen?

Now, continue on and pop on over to Kristen's personal blog: All In A Mom's Life. You will have fun to getting acquainted with her!


Kristen said...

You are so welcome! I can't wait to give j-bug her new apron!

siteseer said...

I just love your apron site. I've been meaning to make matching aprons for my daughter and granddaughter. This gives me a lot of cute ideas. Oh wait... I can just go buy them lol. even better.

Addymom said...

Love the aprons! Too cute! Thanks for the drop.

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

Those Mom and daughter aprons are so cute. It reminds me of my Mom making us Mommy and daughter Easter dresses....sniffle sniffle.