Friday, December 26, 2008

Personality Feature: Nathalie Brault

I would like to introduce Nathalie --- where does she live? St-Calixte, Quebec. She lives in a small northern village, which she a
dores, and where there is a lot of snow in winter.

Nathalie has a great interest in upcycled, meaning, she takes used but in good conditions items and make something new with it. For example, her aprons are made with shirts and/or sheets. Her teawallets are made with fabric leftovers. Her tuques are made from sweater sleeves. She even has some necklaces made of vintage bobines. Her motto is reuse, recycle, recuperate.

I asked Nathalie if there were any influences in her young growing up years that she felt might have contributed to this upcycled interest that she has today.

Her mother was a hairdresser and her dad was a musician, so creativity runs in her family. While growing up she was with her mom at the hairdressing salon where she played for hours with wigs and curlers pretending they were ladies that she was taking care of. She use to dress her Barbies with Kleenexes and tape, so she did not need much to be happy. Even at that age she was recuperating fabric to dress her dolls and was aware of the ecology and kept everything for a later usage.

Her first success in selling her creative ite
ms was on consignment and this followed with selling on the net in her Etsy shop and on Artfire. She is just at the point of developing her work to be better know and her future goal is to make a living from her creations.

Natalie works very hard to try and get her shops known. For new artists starting out she would encourage you to never give up no matter what people may tell you; work really hard because it's a very compet
itive world and it is very important to believe in yourself.

To view Nahtalie's work here are the links to her shops:

You can see that Natalie has a passion about her work, her creative spirit, and a desire to grow in her business. Take a moment and hop on over to her etsy shop ( and and see just what Nathalie is up to.

Why did I interview Nathalie? Because she is unique, she is special, she is one of a kind.


Gabrielle said...

I love this post, I love creative people and how they use theirs gifts! Thank you for the inspiration!

Nathalie Brault said...

Thanks so much for featuring me, I feel blessed to day because of you.

Over The Top Aprons said...

Gabrielle and Nathalie, thank you so much for the encouragement!

Dancing B.A.G. Lady said...


Your Tea Wallets are great. I have two people in mind as a perfect gift for them.

Gina said...

Thank you for sharing this with us, how interesting! Happy holidays to you!

PopArtDiva said...

I love the whole "repurpose" thing so much - creative reuse and recycling is one of my "things".

I need to get back to writing for my NormalChallengedArtist blog blog - I post a lot of tips and advice for artists trying to sell their work online.

One little tip: If you are selling your products on sites like Etsy, Cafepress, Payloadz, etcetera. . . .
take the extra step of buying a special domain name for these products, creating a landing page for them (outside of the store they are featured on) and promote that web address on your blogs, social networks etcetera. Just having a listing in those stores will not get you up high in the search engines whereas a domain name using keywords for your niche will help tremendously.

Debbie~ said...

Loved the feature you did on Nathalie! She's very creative and I love how she 'repurposes' and makes new and interesting things from something that might have been tired or forgotten! Yeah, for eco friendly people like Nathalie! Debbie~