Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Personality Feature: Another On Line Mom

Another On Line Mom …

May I introduce to you, Jennifer, a lovely SAHM, married to her hubby four years and they have two children, Mimi and Tommy.


I asked Jennifer how she got into blogging. “At first it was a way to document my children’s lives. I considered it to be “online scrapbooking”. It was also a way for my out of town family to keep up with the children. Now, I use it to make a few extra dollars each month. I do write about 4 or 5 sponsored post a month. I use the dollars to buy FOR ME (which many mom’s forget to do!). I use it for makeup, pedicures or a new pair of jeans!

Now that sounds like good sound advise! Ladies you may want to consider do this for yourselves!

Jennifer is a “Southern Gal”, brought up wearing pearls, never leaving the house without wearing makeup, and always having a fresh baked goodie on hand to offer guests! Jennifer loves cooking, especially baking cookies!! She loves getting recipes from Southern Living and AllReceipes.com. Also, she loves cooking many of her dinners in the crock pot because with her two young kids in the house she finds that she does not have much time to prepare meals.

Growing up she always wanted to be a mom. She had a good childhoood home life, filled with tradtitions and she couldn’t wait to make a “home” for her husband and children.

Some of her favorite blogs are Angry Julie and Barely Keeping It All Together. These do sounds interesting, maybe we will have to check these out.

Jennifer is definitely representative of a lovely Southern mother for today’s generation. It was a joy for me to learn just a little bit more about Jennifer and for you , you just might want to pop on over to her blog, Another On Line Mom and see the latest that Jennifer is up to.

Thanks Jennifer for the visit; I sincerely enjoyed it!


Carnation said...

wow that's great!

S I L V E R L I G H T said...

Very interesting and really good advice.

Gabrielle said...

This is inspiring, thank you for sharing her story!

Gabrielle said...

By the way, I love your blog! I loke your "share" button designs, good work!!