Saturday, October 11, 2008

History of Aprons ...

History of Aprons: First it might be fun to know the beginning of the word "apron". The French used the word "naperon" which meant a napkin or a small table covering. The English word developed into "apron".

Aprons were worn long before the 18th Century for various reasons but it was during the 18th Century that aprons were pinned to the clothing. After that, the aprons changed in styles ranging from long aprons to purposefully covering garments to lovely prints, beautiful full sashes, and on to the half aprons that tie around the waist. Often called "waist aprons".

Today,s aprons are used in the kitchen for cooking, entertaining, or sometimes just for a "fun" look it denotes. Today's fabrics can range from cottons, plastic, satin, faux fur, brocade ... what ever the event or what ever the inspiration. But, whatever your style may be aprons are definitely on the comeback and they are to be enjoyed and to be used and they are surely to stay!

I would like to invite you to send pictures of your aprons to add to this blog: , it would be fun to see your aprons of today!

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