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Kathryn Henley - Jewelry Artist - Extrodinaire


                        KATHRYN HENLEY
        KMH Collections - Handcrafted Jewelry 

Over the years, Kathy, tried her hand at a number of things including sewing, macrame, decoupage and crocheting.  she never thought she would end up making jewelry.  It all started wen she saw a demstration on making angels with wire and beads on T.V.  She made them herself and they were a big hit!  That led to bookmarks, jean jewelry and eventually watches, bracelets, etc

I asked Kathy if her business is a 'self effort' or does she have a partner or a team.
She said it was 'just me'.  She searches for 'things that speak to her'.  Many times she confesses that she is not sure what she is going top do with them and sopmetimes it takes a while for it all to come together.  Some of her things are  one of a kind and because she is very detailed oriented and desires to make the best product she can she feels that it would be difficult for her to have someone else making things that she sells.  

 Kathy has set some goals for her business.  She hopes to find outlets for her jewelry so she can continue to do what she loves.  Currently she sells on Etsy and and she is involved with local arts group and participates in the annual arts gift show.

Asking Kathy if there were any mistakes that she has made that she would like to share she quickly responded, "I just wish I  had found this passion earlier!"  Her advice to others who might be waiting for the right time to get started in their own business is to " Just do it"!  Do what you love and make the very best product you can, get involved with other artists and continue learning about your craft.

                                              bridesmaid necklace

Kathy works mostly with silver and makes many of her pieces with silver plated findings so they are more affordable.  But she does use sterling silver too.  Her latest passion is working with silver clay; it is amazing to take silver clay and mod it and roll it and shape it just like any other clay and  then after firing, have a beautiful piece of fine silver (.999 ) jewelry. 

Searching on line is her primary source for materials.  Also she finds inspiration and business information from other blogs.

Looking back on her childhood she gives credit to her Mom for her creative influence.  Kathy's mom was very creative making her own clothes, tatting and crocheting .. crocheting currently at age 91!   

                                                     silver clay heart

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You will find a beautiful collection of jewelry that you can be assured each piece is 
handcrafted by hand with care and quality by :
                                     Kathyrn Henley
                                     KMH Collections - Handcrafted Jewelry

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