Tuesday, July 20, 2010

For The Love of Fabric ... Great Fabric = Great Aprons

Great Fabrics ...

I love color, style, fashion, and Great Fabrics. I have been asked, where do you get the fabrics for your aprons: www.overthetopaprons.com ?  All of my fabrics are Designer Fabrics that I order on line.      There are  many wonderful designers with such creative ideas and marvelous use of color. I will list some of my favorites
Heather Baily
Jennifer Paganelli
Anna Marie Horner
Michael Miller                               

These are just a few and I would encourage you to look  up their fabrics and their blogs ... each designer has . marvelous sites and they are  a great way to gain inspiration and appreciation for the work they do.  Also, it puts a 'human face' on the creative process.

Here are some fabric sites to order that you might want to check out::

Fabric.com .....  good sales and all orders shipped free with purchase of $35.00 order
Fabricworm.com  .... large assortment of fabrics
artgalleryfabrics.com  .... here you can find assortments not always available elsewhere
many Etsy shops ...   just type in Etsy.com and then handmade - fabrics

This is a beginning but a good start.   I would love to hear from all of you where you find your beautiful fabrics ...  it is great that we can all learn from each other.  Thanks!


Becky said...

I just wanted to say I adore those ruffle aprons.They are so cute.Are you selling them now?? Are they still available?? My email rebbamochaa@gmail.com.I would apppreciate your reply.Thanks! becky

Jennifer said...

I had to include you in one of my posts! I love your aprons! Jennifer jennsthreegraces

Clairity said...

Very cheery fabric, love 'em and your aprons too :)