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What is New In The Air? - Aspiring Couture

ASPIRING COUTURE -- A NEW LAUNCH - Allison O'Grady launched an exciting new website July 7, 2009 - for all of you Aspiring Designers and Fashion Forward women or just women who love beautiful, creative clothing this is a must see for you!

The purpose behind the online boutique is to give people a place to go to find quality pieces. The purpose is also to give aspiring designers a place to sell their work so they can start getting their ideas off the ground and continue to flourish and prosper.

I was so impressed with the beauty of the website, I ask Allison for an interview for which she graciously consented.

Here are the questioned I presented to Allison that I would like to share with you; it will give you an insight into her personality, her passion, and her business that I know we will all enjoy reading and learn from.

1. What motivated you, led you to designing this business, Aspiring Couture?

Something inside me finally clicked and I just knew that this idea that I have been putting off for years just had to get started. I was not in a very good place in my life, and basically needed a outlet; I needed a way to create what I wanted. so, i just decided to see where it would take me. From there it became more realistic, and I just kept creating and creating. That's just what I love!

2. Is it a 'self' effort or do you have a partner or team?

This is a sole project I am doing. Sometimes I think it would be beneficial to have a partner or something like that as it can get overwhelming and if you don't have someone to communicate to, it makes it quite rough,. But, as of now it is a sole thing!

3. What is the goal for your business at this time? What is your projection?

I think pretty big when it comes to ideas, goals and dreams! The goal is to get some of the designers I am representing into magazines, their work in movies,or whatever they want! At the same time it is ti find new beginning designers and do the same thing with getting them in mags, etc,.

But, I guess as of now it would be for Aspiring Couture to gain credibility for the products and exchange level of the company. I want to see Aspiring Couture grow into a successful company I believe in my purpose behind it, and feel that it is something people can relate to and hopefully will!

4. Are there any mistakes, successes, that you would like to share so we can learn from you.

As of now I have probably made mistakes,but have yet to fully figure out what those are! But, I don't really care about that because every mistake I have made has let me to the right way of doing something, so they are not really mistakes then, right?

As for successes, I guess the main thing I knew was that if I just continually outflow something will come in. I know that if I continually put the word out there, someone is bound to see it! That is the main thing that has kept me going.
I definitely know that if I have a rough day, sending out e-mails, posting blogs, etc. will just about handle it.

5. What encouragement would you give to other women who want to go into their ownb business? How would you advise getting started?

I would say ABSOLUTELY do it! I completely support anyone who wants to start their own thing and create their own company!

There are probably a lot of different ways to go about starting up, ad I think every person needs to create something that works for them and is easy for them! But, the one thing that I would advise is to just outflow to anyone and everyone like mad! You have to make yourself known if you ever want anyone to know who you are. It has to come from you though. Block messages that are not sincere, this really upsets people.

You may think people know you because you promoted a bit, but the truth is we see about 200 things a day, and unless it is memorable,m we tend to forget about it! I definitely recommend starting a blog, twitter, facebook, and any other social medial channels that would be relative to your business. Oh, and be a real person!!! Do9n't only promote your product or your website. Show your thoughts and be involved with other people! I like getting to know real people, not just the blog!

6. Do you feel the economical time is a good time to get started or would you suggest waiting until things in our country/internationally get settled down?

I don't necessarily think it's a good time ti start a business, but I don't think anything should stop someone from living their dream. The economy is going to go up and down, but it is just a matter of being above the bad economy with some really amazing people skills, selling skills, and marketing! Ya, you have to work harder,but it's worth it. Whatever you do though, I would never suggest holding out from living the life you want for anything!

7. Where do you reach out and find the sources for your business?

I don't even know! It is literally anywhere that I see something that inspires me. I follow tons of blogs for inspiration as well as to learn from them!@ I gather inspiration from other blogs (but never take anything from them! If I do, I give full credit with a link back to the person's blog for more info) I also find inspiration in my daily living and different experiences. Other than that,m it is all about surfing twitter, and other social networks to find out what readers want from me as a blogger and to deliver that!

8. What do you point to in your growing up/your childhood that brought you to where you are today? Family, education, interests?

Well, everything! I obviously learned from every part of my life as I continue to do. One main thing I have realized recently is that you never stop learning. The more knowledge you have on any and all subjects the better you can be in many different situations.

As far as past experiences-my dad always owned his own business and I always knew I wanted to do the same., (Doing what, was an entirely different topic!) I had taken sewing classes forever and had a great passion for that. I went to a very good private school where I was able to test myself and become even more independent than I already was, but with the knowledge to back up my dreams.

I have always been a very productive and creative person which my parents really supported. When I was 13 I had an intense schedule for even an adult. I carried that with e and knew how to work long hours as well as how to produce a product. So, all of those things really did define me as a person.


You may ask, why did I choose Allison O'Grady to interview? .... Well, from reading the interview I think we can all agree she is an inspiration for reaching out for her dream. Something we can all aspire to.

Also, Allison O'Grady is unique, she is special, she is one of a kind!

To learn more about Aspiring Couture you can go to the website: and to Allison's blog:

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