Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Featured in eElixir - Cottage Industry

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Trendy Aprons from Over the Top Aprons: eElixir Featured Cottage Industry

At Over the Top Aprons, my specialty is designing/creating updated aprons for today's woman/child. I use designer fabric/ribbons for a beautiful, quality apron. The styles range from elegant, chic and classy, romantic, and a bit fun and funky. A look, a style to express your individual style!

How did you get started making your craft?
About 3 years ago I saw a T.V. program showcasing a woman who makes aprons. I thought, I can do that and maybe just a little bit more interesting!

What inspires you?
Keeping up with fashion, colors, trends, and reinterpreting it in my aprons.

Tell us about your family and their role in your business.
At this point in our lives my husband is retired and he is completely supportive and my grown children say "way to go mom!" and cheer me on.

What has surprised you most about making and selling items from your home?
I think because there is so much competition on the internet for almost anything one might be creating that you have to keep on your toes and it is a lot of hard work.

What advice would you give someone who is just starting out?
Just what was shared with me: Believe in yourself and go with your passion. People can copy your work but they can not copy your individuality that comes through in your work.

Why do you think people should support modern cottage industry?
There is a new awareness of wanting greater quality and expressing your own individuality in what you choose.

Fnd out more about Over the Top Aprons: http://www.overthetopaprons.com