Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Photo Shot 4/28/2013


Photo Shoot ~ 4-28-2013 ~

 Pink and black polka dots with black grosgrain ribbon ties; 2 tier layered flounce.

 Pink Ruffles in polka dots and stripes tied with pretty pink grosgrain ribbon.

 Pink and Black circular half apron tied in the back with fluffy black bow.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

MOTHER'S DAY ~ Just Around The Corner

Pink and Red delicate print apron with three tiers of gathers ... removable red flower  ~~
Pink with black polka dots, removable flower, and trimmed with black grosgrain ribbon ~
Ruffles in pink apron with beautiful pink grosgrain ribbon trim  ~  feminine and pretty!

Pink and Green flora with ruffles in coordinated floral and stripes  ~  Beautiful!

Mothers are special ... this is the perfect day to take her out to dinner and then surprise her with a gift she can enjoy everyday during the the time she is cooking the dinner!  Every woman likes to look pretty, feminine what ever she is doing!

May I invite you to visit my website:  http://overthetopaprons.com
For a special Mother's Day 20% discount  -  just type in Mom at the check out discount section.

Enjoy!  Corline ~~

Friday, March 15, 2013

Fabric for Custom Apron Order

Fabric for Custom Apron Order  ~~


 Beautiful new fabric just arrived for a fun custom order.  Request for 2  ruffled aprons with 3 pockets for a ladies cleaning business.  

 A bit of a challenge ...  I had previously made up the same stye for 2 darling girls in Canada who own a cleaning business.    But ....  I was so excited about the positive outcome of their aprons that I eagerly sent the aprons off and neglected to make myself a pattern for 'the next time' .


 mmm ; a little live and learn moment.

Have any of you made this type of a mistake!?

 When I get them completed - yes, this time I will make a pattern to keep and I will show you the finished project.


 Thanks for visiting  ~~  xxxooo  Corline 




Tuesday, March 5, 2013


   PHOTO SHOOT  ~~  3/3/2013

 The photo shoot was 2 1/2 hours ---  we had such fun.  I told Syd she just spent 2 1/2 hours smiling!  What a trooper!

 Which is your favorite apron?  I would love your input!

Thanks for visiting  ~~  I just posted the rest of the aprons from the photo shoot on my website:  www.overthetopaprons.com  

xxxooo  Corline

Monday, February 25, 2013

Kathryn Henley - Jewelry Artist - Extrodinaire


                        KATHRYN HENLEY
        KMH Collections - Handcrafted Jewelry 

Over the years, Kathy, tried her hand at a number of things including sewing, macrame, decoupage and crocheting.  she never thought she would end up making jewelry.  It all started wen she saw a demstration on making angels with wire and beads on T.V.  She made them herself and they were a big hit!  That led to bookmarks, jean jewelry and eventually watches, bracelets, etc

I asked Kathy if her business is a 'self effort' or does she have a partner or a team.
She said it was 'just me'.  She searches for 'things that speak to her'.  Many times she confesses that she is not sure what she is going top do with them and sopmetimes it takes a while for it all to come together.  Some of her things are  one of a kind and because she is very detailed oriented and desires to make the best product she can she feels that it would be difficult for her to have someone else making things that she sells.  

 Kathy has set some goals for her business.  She hopes to find outlets for her jewelry so she can continue to do what she loves.  Currently she sells on Etsy and and she is involved with local arts group and participates in the annual arts gift show.

Asking Kathy if there were any mistakes that she has made that she would like to share she quickly responded, "I just wish I  had found this passion earlier!"  Her advice to others who might be waiting for the right time to get started in their own business is to " Just do it"!  Do what you love and make the very best product you can, get involved with other artists and continue learning about your craft.

                                              bridesmaid necklace

Kathy works mostly with silver and makes many of her pieces with silver plated findings so they are more affordable.  But she does use sterling silver too.  Her latest passion is working with silver clay; it is amazing to take silver clay and mod it and roll it and shape it just like any other clay and  then after firing, have a beautiful piece of fine silver (.999 ) jewelry. 

Searching on line is her primary source for materials.  Also she finds inspiration and business information from other blogs.

Looking back on her childhood she gives credit to her Mom for her creative influence.  Kathy's mom was very creative making her own clothes, tatting and crocheting .. crocheting currently at age 91!   

                                                     silver clay heart

When you start thinking about that special gift for someone or if you just love beautiful jewelry  please hop on over to kmhcollections 

You will find a beautiful collection of jewelry that you can be assured each piece is 
handcrafted by hand with care and quality by :
                                     Kathyrn Henley
                                     KMH Collections - Handcrafted Jewelry

Thank you for visiting,  Corline





Sunday, February 24, 2013


                PHOTO SHOOT DELAYED


 Our model is sick today so we have postponed our Photo Shoot until next week-end.  We will have our new Apron Collection ready to post then.  

This is a good time for my annual Disclaimer!  Quite often, people assume  that I (Corline owner/designer) is the Cute Model.  No, I am the one behind the cute model.  She is just as sweet as she looks and she is a dream to work with!  I adore her and appreciate her!

 May I invite you to visit us again soon ... we have a lot of cute new aprons I think you will enjoy seeing.

                          See you soon  ~ ~ Corline


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Saturday, February 23, 2013

SNEAK PREVIEW ~ apron photoshoot

PHOTO SHOOT  ~~  this weekend

I have been very busy .... fun, fun ...  

Will upload pictures this coming week ... thanks for visiting!

Corline   (www.overthetopaprons)

(if you have any questions about the aprons please feel free to drop me a note in the comments below ...  I will get back to you immediately!)

Friday, February 8, 2013


The Valentine Gift that keeps on giving ...


if you know some one who loves to cook what could be more fun, more special than a Cute Pink and Red Ruffled Apron ?  that special someone in your life ... be it a girlfriend, mother, sister or friend this is the gift that keeps on giving; each time she puts this little apron on it will always bring out a smile and frankly what ever she is cooking it just has to taste better!

www.overthetopaprons.com   enjoy!   Corline

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Meet The Artists ~ ~ ~  Gabrielle


Artist ~ Creator ~ Designer ~ Entreprenuer
     Shop Owner ~ Seamstress ~ Teacher
         Wife ~ Mother of Four ~ Friend

Complex?  Yes and No!  We all have talents, skills, creativity; quite often it just has to be explored and expressed.


     Gabrielle has been an entrepreneur all her life!  As a small child she took her art work to her parents workplace, selling her art work to fellow co-workers. Was her art work exceptional?; not necessarily but the people appreciated her verve. Lemonade stands were constant attractions as well as front yard sales featuring her current do-dads. As a teen she was a proficient seamstress which led to making harnesses and dog booties for every condition of ice and snow making items for Iditarod mushers.  She made thousands and thousands of them and had quite the living as a junior and senior in high school.

     Once in college she floundered from biology to writing, to college sports and then finally realized that she was an artists at her core.  She got her BFA in sculpture, headed towards a Masters in Industrial Design.  This was interrupted by nine years of traveling with her professional athlete husband and having four children within five years.  This left little time for personal creativity.

     About 14 years ago they settled in Idaho and her desire to create was set on fire!  When the grocery bag business reared it's head a little over five years ago she knew she was back in business.


     Wanting to be a part of the 'green movement' she tried using the hodge-podge of free bags which were usually left behind in her car.  Then an inspiration struck - she grabbed a paper bag and the next 5 hours she was designing and making herself some really cute grocery bags. A friend popped in and saw the bags and screamed, 'where did you get these???'  Informing her friend that she had made them the friend spent the next 5 hours convincing Gabrielle to sell them and go into business.  Nine days later the business was up and running, with orders from 5 boutiques (one in San Francisco), a website and all the other details.  It was crazy!!!



     As the years have passed Gabrielle's items have changed and developed but her goals and vision stays the same ...  Find a need and fill it ...

       It has been a slow and arduous climb and she has not made a 'ton of money' ...  but she does make enough to supplement their income, etc.  It's worth all the thankless hours.  After running their business from her garden studio for the last 5 years, they have opened a boutique this year featuring the 65 or so items that she makes and there are also several other artisans selling in the shop to fill in the gaps.


      Gabrielle shares that the hardest part of  any of this is believing that you deserve getting paid for what you utterly love.  As with anything in life , "if you value your time enough to charge for it, others will believe in that value and willingly pay you for it."

         This is a dream come true.  "Every time I set foot in my shop (daily) tears come to my eyes.  I love this life, I love what I have been gifted to do and I love that there are so many resources available to make my business better.  There is no end to my creativity, therefore my business will just continue to grow and change with the needs of our customers."


          For anyone considering a similar path:  if you are not money minded (bean counter) find a good bookkeeper.  Regardless of the level of your sales, if this aspect is not tracked very closely you WILL loose money, over spend or simply burn out because you are not getting paid.  She has a rule for herself that if she does not make $15 per hour plus materials to make something, then it does not make it beyond the exploratory phase.  Anyone, even the most passionate will get tired of their business more quickly if they are not making money.

Where Gabriele can be found:

beewisebags@me.com   (e-mail)

You may ask why did I choose to share Gabrielle's story with you?

Well, she is unique, she is special, she is one of a kind ... just like all of you!    Enjoy,  Corline